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Landscape in Mozambique - Just Plain AgileI spent the last few weeks in Mozambique. It is a breathtakingly beautiful country – as close to paradise as I have ever been. It is also underdeveloped and poor, ravaged by the war. With a few exceptions one needs a good 4×4 or exceptional driving skills to get around. Shopping is informal, in markets or next to the road. Yet signs of growth and recovery are visible everywhere.

Crossing the border back into South Africa was a real surprise. The visible contrast between the levels of development in the two countries is astounding. Who knew how developed and functional our troubled little country is in comparison to its neighbour?

Noticing how much better we are off filled me with deep gratitude and a little shame for complaining about our country. And it made me wonder what else I take for granted in other areas of my life. What am I no longer seeing in my work, my colleagues, my clients?

What would be possible if we become more conscious of the abundance of resources, skills, goodwill, energy, courage and creativity we have around us? How would we approach our problems?


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