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Asking a fish to climb a tree

Einstein quote - JPA

I was eavesdropping in the queue whilst waiting to board a plane. Two businessmen were discussing the faux pas of a colleague. “Well at least he isn’t quite as bad as Fred. He was USELESS! Always busy working on his daughter’s school projects,  never available when we needed him, really!”

My job very often is to create the possibility of a real team for a group of people that are simply lumped together in the hope that they will produce something in exchange for the salary they receive every month. I enter such groups without the baggage they have accumulated over time. Sometimes someone leaves, but that is the exception. Most groups are able to look at one another differently once they experience each other as human beings in all their gore and all their glory.

What would be possible in your team if you make a clean start, re-contract with one another and, this time round, you create the human connection first?


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