We offer a portfolio of courses aimed at gaining more than introductory skills and practices. We get the basics out the way first with Fundamentals or the Agile Primer, then dive into specific agile skills training. All courses are hands-on and experiential and employ the agile principles and practices so delegates not only gain the skills, but also experience the new way of working before going back to the office. Our courses are presented by practitioners who have been using agile in the disciplines they are teaching for a number of years.


Agile coaching is a mixture of on-the-job training, mentoring and coaching. We work with your team in a variety of settings: one-on-one, in small groups, as a team, with business stakeholders and management as well. With a background in both business as well as software development we deeply understand the issues and challenges you face and bring our experience and insight as a team to any engagement.


Introducing Agile and Lean to your organisation will bring about changes not only in the way people do things, but more importantly in the way they think. The vast majority of change initiatives fail as a result of ignoring the impact on the hearts and minds of the individuals undergoing the change. We have the experience to ensure your organisation comes out the other end triumphantly.

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