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I recently learnt the term “quantum flirt”. Kind of like the universe calling “coowee!” to you, hijacking your attention to give new insight to whatever you are working on. We have been scratching our heads about useful ways to share news and information around the work we do whilst adding value to people’s lives at the same time. And this morning out of the blue I remembered something I read in a weekly inspirational email for coaches*.

I hear you, universe!

So let’s try a little experiment: Once a week I will send out an email with a handful of lines on something that attracted my attention that week. Something that may also shift your perception the teeniest bit and bring you new possibilities. This week it is a simple question…

When you are knee-deep in solving a problem, do you raise your head up enough to see or hear a new piece of information that comes out of the blue? Want to try?


*Thank you Lyssa for the inspiration.

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Quantum Flirt

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