Growing Vine - Just Plain AgileI have been struggling for 3 years to train a vine in my garden up a trellis. A few days ago I noticed that it had new shoots, so I tied a few of them to the wire that supports the plant. The next day several tendrils ‘felt’ their way towards the wire, mid-air, and the day after they had wrapped themselves really tightly around the wire, on their way up! Success at last!

Why now?

  1. I had paid attention at the time the vine was most ready, for one.
  2. The vine had been ready for the upwards growth all along, it just couldn’t sense the wire. It needed my help.
  3. The wire was in place, but needed the plant to be brought closer to it. It cannot move.

How does this reflect what happens in human systems? Are human growth signals overt and clear, the spoken I would like to grow that we might think is necessary? What if humans also need help to sense the wire of immovable support set up by organisations, by fellow humans? What if there are better and worse times to offer help and support?

What would be possible if you can sense both the signals of the people around you, as well as the wire that is there to support your own growth? How high can you grow?



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