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It’s been a while since the last Flirt. Not that the Universe has stopped flirting, but in the last month I found that connectivity has become as vital as water and electricity in one’s home. I planned for my move, but boy, did I under-anticipate the chaos, disruption and impact on my life, my work, my emotions and my physical wellbeing? Eish!

This morning my physio tells me her firstborn is really excited about her mom’s pregnancy. She is already making plans for her little unborn sister. And I think, poor thing, wait till you realise what the difference between ALL your parents’ attention and HALF your parents’ attention is! (Can you tell I am a firstborn? 😉)

There is no knowing what lies in an experience, even if we have had a similar one. The Cynefin framework classifies human systems as Complex. Yet we treat our work, our projects, our lives as Complicated, i.e. if we do enough analysis and planning we can predict what will happen and plan for it. As a result, we focus on doing better analysis, improving our planning skills, coming up with techniques to predict better at the expense of growing our ability to sense what is going on in the moment and being ready to turn on a tickey*, to quote my grandma.

What would become possible if you hold your plans lightly and focus on making sense of what is happening in the moment? How would things look different in your environment if instead of only Plan-and-Predict you also Sense-and-Respond?


*tickey – tiny coin


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A personal lesson in “Embracing Change over Following a Plan”

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