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In the last few weeks I had a chance to work with two smallish companies – one around 80 people and one around 700. Let’s call them A80 and C700. A80 and C700 are chasing business, they are both hungry, capable, successful, energetic and out to solve problems. Yet there is a marked difference in how happy and motivated people at the different organisations are and how they interact with one another. There is a lot of fun in the air at A80. Not so much at C700… And the interesting thing is: C700 used to have the same fun atmosphere when they were smaller.

This echoes a lot of people’s experience. It seems that growing a company beyond a certain point brings with it a lot of fun-killing activities. And some depersonalisation – if you don’t know everybody’s names you certainly can’t have a relationship with everyone.

Generally, companies grow to make more money and tackle bigger opportunities, but growth does not always yield that. And even if it does, the price – loss of work satisfaction – seems really high. Yet very few amongst us question the concept of growing, because to believe otherwise surely is simply ridiculous? Of course growth is always good!

Really? I would like to point out respectfully that cancer is also growth…

What other rock solid beliefs do you, no, do we hold collectively? If you become conscious of them and hold them up to the light to evaluate, which ones would you keep?

What would become possible if you can do away with just one inappropriate belief that is limiting you?



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So growth is a good thing you say?
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