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You are a software development team, department or organisation who is serious about developing quality software that delivers solutions to your clients, but you are not getting the results you want. You are either struggling to hit deadlines as promised, or quality is an issue, or you might have difficulty keeping up with changing requirements. Let’s just say that your customers or business users are not as happy with you as you would like them to be. And you are working really hard, but still you only seem to hit the mark some of the time. You are willing to consider that there could be a better way.

Your team is important to you, everybody is committed and want to do a good job. You have heard about Lean/Agile or you have either already started using it, or you would like to start using it. You might have tried it and failed or you may be flying already but like to reach for the stars!

No matter where you are on your Lean/Agile journey you would appreciate some help from external experts who have done this before and will help you avoid costly mistakes. The help you require could be anything from a single intervention, for instance facilitating an insightful retro, to transitioning your entire organisation to a Lean/Agile way of working. It could range from tweaking your estimation to defining a Lean/Agile method. You may need support for one of your leaders or for all your business users and your technical teams, even your change management group. You may want only training, or training and mentoring, or coaching or consulting.

About Us

Antoinette Coetzee - Just Plain Agile - Agile Coaching and Training Cape Town South AfricaAntoinette Coetzee – Everything I have ever done in my career comes together in my current role as transformation coach. At the heart of what I do is the desire to develop people, be that as individuals, as members of teams, or as leaders. Agile and Lean bring about major shifts in the way people view work. I love supporting teams and organisations through that difficult change to watch them flourish on the other side. Through a process of training, mentoring and coaching, people go from struggling or average to successful, self-managed, high-performing individuals that understand what it means to BE Agile rather than merely DOing it. This is a challenge in the type of organisations we work in – medium to large corporates – but life is pretty boring without a challenge.

My background is technical – I came to Agile through Martin Fowler and XP way back in 1996, so for many years I worked as a team member in Agile vendor teams internationally. A lot of the work I have done as coach is with software teams, breaking down barriers between traditional roles and finding better ways for teams to grow together and develop quality software. My own development over the last few years focused on professional coaching, change management and facilitation. I chose to specialise in Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). Along with extensive Agile Coaching training from the Agile Coaching institute (Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spayd) this has widened the scope of my work to include enterprise transformation in general.

Every change requires education. We develop most of our courses in-house, but we are also the South African partners of the Agile Coaching Institute. Our collaboration extends to co-leading courses internationally. This provides me with the opportunity to work closely with people like Lyssa, Michael and other gurus and share that in South Africa.

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Gill BaronettiGill Baronetti is a professional coach, facilitator and trainer with over 15 years’ experience in the IT sector, specifically in project management.

Since 2014, she has been developing her skills in the world of Agile and holds a Scrum Certified Product Owner accreditation. She also recently attended “Coaching Agile Teams” in the United States, giving her an additional qualification of Agile Coach.

Gill’s practical experience with project teams and her passion for developing individuals and teams blend favourably in the type of work she does around the design and facilitation of workshops and Agile ceremonies, coaching Agile teams and Professional Coaching for individuals and groups.

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About Our Associates

Angie Doyle – They say that change is the only constant. I don’t think I have ever minded change. Growing up in a country like South Africa (rooted in inequality and injustice – and more recently in significant transformation, reform and conflict), you learn to embrace diversity and change.

I also don’t mind changing. Over the course of my career, I have shifted from working face-to-face with customers (Operations), to articulating what customers need (Business Analysis and Process Engineering), to working with teams delivering the solution (Product Development / Ownership), to evolving ways to deliver the solution (Agile software development at a team and organisational level), to improving collaboration of teams working together (Team coaching & scaling). This was driven by my obsession to deliver high-quality solutions that people need. Faster.

Through all this, I have come to value working with people the most. I love that human beings are complex creatures and none of us come with the same operating manual! Sometimes we work well together, sometimes we don’t. And that is where true creative potential lies…

I strive to create delivery focused environments where:

  • Exceptional performers are the new normal
  • Individuals and teams share accountability for achieving goals
  • There are high levels of team morale and trust
  • Conflict is constructive
  • There is clarity on roles and who does what
  • There is a strong customer-centric focus

My specialisations include: Organizational and team coaching | Agile/ Lean/ Kanban training, mentoring and coaching | Facilitation | Product discovery and development | Team and product kick-offs | Business Analysis and Process Engineering.

Looking for a silver bullet? The reality is that things won’t get better without some effort. But I can help get you started…

Angie is an Agile Coach, Trainer and Facilitator with IQbusiness.

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Louise Perold

Louise Perold – Testing is not just a career to me, it is a massive part of who I am. I have been blessed to come across people who have inspired me and taught me and I believe I have been that person to others over the years. The learning never stops though, and I continue to practice the craft and apply learnings from other disciplines back into software testing.

I am at my happiest when I see a team able to do their best testing work and add valuable information into the system. One way I like to do this is to be part of the team. Mentoring and coaching the team from an external viewpoint is also something I am comfortable with. I realise that much of the work we do is heavily influenced by the greater system we are in. I have many years experience of making these things visible and coming up with practical ideas to maximize the value derived from the testing efforts.

Building the craft and community of testing in South Africa is also a passion of mine. To this end, I am the co-organiser of Let’s Test South Africa and the founder and co-organiser of the Joburg Software Testers Meetup.

I enjoy speaking at conferences and have spoken at Let’s Test in Sweden, Copenhagen Context and CAST in North America and I was the co-program chair for CAST 2013.

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Steve Holyer

Steve Holyer – I love exploring, especially when that means working with people. I recently formed a new quest with many colleagues in South Africa, and beyond. We are discovering how an inclusive Agile culture will create abundance in an organisation – for our teams, our businesses, and even our societies.  Our discoveries are driven by story-building.

But, most people don’t know, I came to Agile on a dare!

Someone dared me to convince the management of a failing startup to send me to attend Jeff Sutherland’s Certified Scrum Master (CSM) course. They didn’t think I could talk them into paying that bill, The startup was already paying me to be one of many product developers on a product for which no-one had a realistic plan to release anything that was actually shippable.

Obviously,  after such a challenge – from one of the coolest developers, no less – I had to prove, “Yes, I could talk our management into spending some training money.” But the real reason I went to that CSM course was I knew beyond any doubt, that I had to learn all the ways a lightweight Agile framework would fail a real development team. I planned to be a very effective impediment to every Agile adoption that might come my way.

Fortunately, for me, I glimpsed the truth by the end of the first day of that 2-day CSM course. To my complete surprise, Agile promised a way out of horrible product development hell. And, by the end of the second, and final, day of that course, I glimpsed another truth: no-one can  master the skills needed to attain the promise of Agile, or even become an effective Scrum Master, without practice, practice, practice.  

And then more practice.

I’m based in Zurich Switzerland. I’m an international, Agile Product Ownership Trainer and Coach. Which means I work with everyone in your organisation – especially you – to get your product out the door!

We define it, design it, ship it, and iterate it.

That’s the way we master the abundant art of Agile Product Facilitation.

The LEGO Serious Play Methods are some my very favourite tools. They are some of the tools I’ve used to master my skills of facilitation – especially Agile Team Facilitation and Agile Product Facilitation. The methods and materials make up a significant part of the way I teach product facilitation and design thinking for the POByDesign Adventure Lab, which is my advanced Product Owner course that launched in Cape Town and are now offer around the world.

I have been a Trained LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitator since March 2013. I design and facilitate workshops to help companies from very different industries discover product and corporate strategy, identify and remove their biggest impediments, charter new teams or products, and explore other emergent ideas for innovation.

With my new Practical Workshop Facilitation course, I give you a basic introduction to using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY when you are facilitating Agile events and ceremonies. I want to offer this experience to every Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Manager and Dev Team member so you build you a new comfort with facilitation, emergence, and mutual-learning learning.

LEGO, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, the Minifigure, the Brick and the Knob configuration are trademarks of the LEGO Group.
POByDesign is a trademark of Engage Results dba Steve Holyer and Associates.

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