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Ever worked with a problem in your team that seems to go round and round, stuck, zapping energy? It’s like everyone has grooves in their brain!*

You may want to give the Anti-Problem technique a whirl. This technique asks us to explore, with gusto!, solutions that will guarantee failure. Yes, you read that right, guarantee failure. No holds barred – the more outrageous, the better. Turns out simply looking at the problem from a different angle gets the brain out of its funk. More importantly, it generates some fun and laughter, and the brain is 31% better at solving problems in a pleasurable state.1

The technique comes from Gamestorming, a book filled with activities to solve problems in a morecreative and fun way. I love using it since it is so much easier to create lightness and innovation when tackling a wicked problem. In my experience the group always comes up with at least one novel solution and, without fail, realise they are doing stuff that guarantees failure currently.

Want to try it? Remember to put your heart in it and be curious about what could be possible.


*It’s called neural pathways

1The happy secret to better work – Shawn Achor

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