Agile coaching is a mixture of on-the-job training, mentoring and coaching. We work with your team in a variety of settings: one-on-one, in small groups, as a team, with business stakeholders and management as well. With a background in both business as well as software development we deeply understand the issues and challenges you face and bring our experience and insight as a team to any engagement.

We are certified Agile coaches, but also professional business and executive coaches. This enables us to support you through the changes necessary to adopt Agile or Lean, or simply to a better way of doing things. We have coached individuals and organisations through large scale changes like mergers. We also enjoy working with people to resolve dysfunction and create happy, creative individuals and organisations, with the resulting increase in productivity and efficiency.

At the heart of what we do, is the belief that developing people to become their best creates a win for both the individual and the organisation.

Just Plain Agile coach

What people say about our coaching

“Hi Antoinette, so the chat has paid off well!┬áThe team dynamic has become more comfortable and we had an extremely successful sprint.┬áThank you very much for the session!”

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