Education is an important component of growth and change. Most of our courses grew out of our experience coaching Agile teams. What we teach is therefore focused on the application of Agile and Lean in the situations you encounter every day, be that as an Agile Coach or ScrumMaster, agile team member, even a business person. Our courses are taught by our coaches, they are interactive, experiential and we limit the class sizes to ensure an optimal individual learning experience.

We work in collaboration with various institutions to bring you courses of the highest quality. We are the South African partners for TeamCatapult and proudly offer two courses developed by Marsha Acker. We also conduct courses in association with Adventures with Agile.

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What people say about our courses

“Thanks for creating an excellent learning space and for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us.  Keeping it real!” – 15 Feb 2018, Agile Primer

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and I think Antoinette and Gill did an excellent job. Thank you for a lovely, insightful day.” – 15 Feb 2018, Agile Primer

“Thank you for introducing us to Agile. I enjoyed the way you put information out and allowed us to find our connection with it. You got us thinking and we feel better positioned for the journey we are undertaking. Thank you.” – Agile Fundamentals

“Thank you! Just wanted to say I had a good 2 days. The training was done very well. We weren’t made to feel stupid or out of our element. It wasn’t stressful and we could easily adapt given our current situation… made us part of it and that is what I appreciated. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer as my first stab at “AGILE”.” – Agile Fundamentals

“I would like to compliment you and your facilitators… I found the ‘Fundamentals of Agile’ extremely beneficial. I actually felt like I had been brainwashed (in a positive way) and my eyes opened… started implementing what we learnt as soon as we got back. Our development teams have embraced the changes and are working well together. I can already see a change in attitude and the higher quality of work being produced.” – Agile Fundamentals

“…the facilitation course not only re-ignited my passion for the facilitation side of things, but reminded me that that was a very important part of what I was doing in my role and provided me with new insights and TOOLS to help me do it even better.” – The Agile Facilitator

“Thank you for helping re-energize me to continue my Agile journey. I’m really enjoying practicing the various things I learned too. I believe they will make me a better facilitator.” – The Agile Facilitator

“I just spent 10 days facilitating strategy and process changes and the facilitation framework works!” – The Agile Facilitator

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